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"Readers pick up a magazine to read the articles, they pick up

FIRE TRADER to make purchases!"

  • MAILING LIST - FIRE TRADER is mailed free of charge to nearly every volunteer, paid & combo fire station, airport fire depts, industrial fire brigades, wildland firefighting agencies, EMS agencies and fire & EMS related business in the US.  Our current mailing list is over 35,000 and is updated almost daily.

  • LOWER COST - FIRE TRADER offers the lowest cost per thousand mailed in the industry.  We do not pay for expensive content and keep our overhead low to insure we can offer the best pricing.

  • DIGITAL EDITION - FIRE TRADER is available for viewing, FREE OF CHARGE, on our website at the same time the print edition is available.  Many magazines are either unavailable or not available until at least 30 days after the print version.  We also offer banners ads, classified ads and email blast campaigns.

  • ADVERTISING PACKAGES - With FIRE TRADER, you not only get the print advertising, but you get online listings, our mobile phone app, and other bonuses with your print advertising.

  • REGIONAL ADS - FIRE TRADER also offers Regional Advertising opportunities for those companies that do not need national exposure.  This is great for fire equipment and apparatus dealers, regional manufacturers, or companies that only want to target certain sections of the country.

BOTTOM LINE - FIRE TRADER is your most cost effective advertising means that gets results.  If you are doing print advertising elsewhere, you are wasting money.  Our advertisers that advertise elsewhere claim to get 5X the response with FIRE TRADER than they do with other print advertising.


Do the math - 1/3 the cost plus 5X the response = MAXIMUM VALUE FOR YOUR ADVERTISING DOLLARS!


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